Mark Miller

I recently took photos for up and coming Youtube star, Mark Miller.  He gained nearly 80,000 followers since he posted his “Awkward Kissing” video.  Mark goes to my university and asked me to take his photos for all of his social media.  The photos got a great reception from his followers and fellow Youtube stars.Mark Miller

I met Mark a year ago when he was just starting out on Youtube.  He wasn’t getting paid to make the videos.  He just did them because he loved it.

He had a specific look that he wanted to accomplish in his photos.  He wanted something similar to other styles of photos he had seen on YouTube.  We experimented with lighting setups in the studio and finally found a result that he loved.Mark Miller

The photos were also featured in the university’s weekend publication “72 Hours.”  This photo along with the story, written by my good friend Ryan Howe can be found here.


  • mohammad

    hi mark i love you i hope to see one day…

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