Preparations for Russia

The Olympics.  A time for many to relax and watch the event unfold at home.  I, however, am lucky enough to be traveling over to Sochi, Russia this week!

BSU At The Games is a freelance news outlet that I have been working for since last semester.  We are lucky enough to be representing Ball State University at the Olympic games for the second time now.

The trip is paid for, the bags are packed.  Now, we’re just waiting for the plane to take off.  That doesn’t happen till Wednesday, though.  This has been a long road and it’s prepared us for this.  We traveled to the USOC Media Summit back in September/October.  We got a slight taste of what may be in store for us.  Non-stop working and turning out photos and stories like any other news source.  Our stories and photos have been featured on WTHR here in Indianapolis, as well as the Gazette out of Colorado Springs.  We are also looking forward to working with the Spokesman Review in Spokane, as well as a possible tie in with CNN!

While we have no idea what Sochi has in store for us, we plan on hitting the ground running.  Many have packed in a single carry-on, while others (like me) with camera equipment have chosen to check a bag.

I’ve had many people come to me with concerns of Russia right now.  For me, this opportunity is too great for me to simply pass on. Being a gay man travel to a part of the world so intolerant, does put me on edge a bit.  Reading the articles and hearing from LGBT people living is Russia is heartbreaking.  I hope to be able to talk to some people living there and hear their stories directly.  For me, this opportunity goes beyond covering the Olympics.  It goes all the way to helping those in my community who have faced a far greater struggle than I can even imagine.

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