New Day, New Adventure

It’s about 11:40 and we are sitting waiting for something to happen. Nothing bad, just something. Most of us stayed up until 4:30 am and woke up 4 hours later to meet for breakfast. I crashed with all my clothes on and came to breakfast disheveled with my contacts foggy.

Breakfast was a plentiful buffet of fruit and dried out hash browns as well as hard sausage (no pun intended).  Some tried to smuggle out fruit for later consumption and others went back to nap and shower before we left.

Yesterday, we set out to cover what we could of the opening ceremonies. This would be difficult since we could not get into the Olympic Village and didn’t have tickets. we talked to people that could speak English and those who spoke very little English.

The rest of the day today was full of standing in lines and going through security. We decided to go to see the Olympic Park in the afternoon.

There were people waiting in line for tickets getting tired of waiting. They were throwing passports and demanding tickets.

We headed to Sochi where the Olympics aren’t actually held. They’re actually in Adler which is about a 35 minute train ride awat. The we walked around and finally got something to eat at a traditional Russian restaurant. I had dumplings which were the best thing ever! We then took a cab back to the train station to get back to the Olympic village.

Sorry this blog is so late a lot we have been doing and little time to write.

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