2018 is for ME!

It has been 4 years since I went to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. I cannot believe it has been that long. Seems like just yesterday we were on that cruise ship and staying up editing into the night, getting content ready to be posted for people waking in the US. It’s a crazy feeling and how I wish I could be in South Korea getting ready to do it all over again.

I’ve been so stunted for creativity lately. I’ve been in retail management for a while now. And every time I think I can get out I find myself getting more and more trapped. I become discouraged looking for other jobs and I wish I could be free. I used to get out there and shoot for hours and hours, and never find myself starved for inspiration. Now I’m lucky if I remember I have a camera to use.

My plan is to make the most of 2018. I went to school to be more and do more than I am right now.

The more and more I work 50 hours a week working in a mall with little gratification or appreciation the more it’s pushing me to pursue what I really want to be important to me. So I’m putting my original career goals back into focus. This is the year. No pushing my passion into the background.


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